Total Pets Adopted in 2019: 5,274      Total Pets Adopted Since Inception: 40,000

Total Pets Adopted in 2019: 5,274

Total Pets Adopted Since Inception: 40,000


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Los Angeles has 12 City and County Shelters full of wonderful pets. You can view these pets and find a location near you by visiting: for the City and for the County.

Pet Care Foundation

Pet Care Foundation was founded by Paula Kent Meehan in 2004 to help lower the euthanasia rate of Los Angeles City and County Animal Shelters. Since its inception Pet Care Foundation has found new homes for over 85,000 cats and dogs through its many different programs.

Programs include in-house adoption events and grooming at all LA City Shelters, free spay/neuter clinics, ADOPT A PET TODAY television show airing on the Beverly Hills City and West Hollywood City TV channels, and extensive social media networking.

Mission Statement: Pet Care Foundation is a 501c3, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, spay/neuter and adoption of homeless pets.


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“On behalf of the City of Los Angeles, I am pleased to recognize your continued support of the Los Angeles Animal Services. Your generosity, community spirit, and interest have made our City a great place in which to live and work.”

Mayor Eric GarcettiMayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles

“I know the Department of Animal Services (LAAS), staff and thousands of animals now enjoying new homes join me in thanking you for your generous support.”

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles

“Pet Care Foundation does amazing work saving animals — thousands would die every year without them. Everyone owes them a thank you for their continued support of homeless animals everywhere.”

Mayor Lili Bosse, Beverly Hills



$50 helps us find a new loving home for a shelter pet.
All donations are greatly appreciated!

Pet Care Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the advocacy of shelter animals in Los Angeles City and County Shelters. All donations are tax deductible.

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To donate by check make the check out to PET CARE FOUNDATION and mail to:

9018 Balboa Blvd., #331
Northridge, CA 91325.

To sign up for Ralph’s Community Giving Program go to:
A portion of everything you buy at Ralph’s goes to the Foundation.

“Drawing attention to these beautiful animals is a great effort on the part of Pet Care Foundation. LA Animal Services is grateful to have their support with these adoption events, their TV show, and their grooming programming. All are bringing us closer and closer to our no-kill goal.”

Brenda Barnette, General Manager for LA Animal Services, Los Angeles

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