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The Pet Care Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the advocacy of shelter animals in Los Angeles City and County Shelters. All donations are tax deductible.

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Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Safety Planning in Case of Fire, Flood or Earthquake

Here are a few simple tips that could save your life and the life of your pet too:

1. Make sure your pets are micro- chipped and have proper identification. This is the single most important step you can take to ensure that you and your companion animals will be reunited if you are separated. Don't forget to include alternate contacts with the microchip registration, such as your cell phone number and phone numbers for an out-of-area relative so that you can still be contacted in the case of an evacuation.

2. If you need to evacuate, take your animals with you. It is simply too dangerous to leave companion animals unattended during natural disasters. The best way to ensure the safety of your pets is to evacuate with them.

3. Have a rescue alert sticker visible in one of your home's windows that lists the number and species of animals residing in your home. If you evacuate with your animals during an emergency, and time allows, write "Evacuated" across the alert sticker.

4. Keep a back-up supply of pet food, prescription medications, and essentials. Also, assemble an animal evacuation kit with the following materials:

a. One durable animal carrier displaying your name, address, and phone number for each animal in your household

b. Pet food (peel tops) and bottled water (5 gallons per animal is ideal)

c. Kitty litter and pan

d. Blankets

e. Leash, harness, collar

f. Photocopies of medical and immunization records and recent photos of your pet (in case you need to create "lost" flyers or provide proof of ownership)

g. Wet wipes

h. Plastic bags

5. Locate pet-friendly lodgings in advance. The following hotel chains accept pets at some or all of their locations (please note that restrictions and additional fees may apply):

America's Best Value Inn; Loews; Best Western; Marriott; Econo Lodge; Motel 6; Kimpton Group Hotels; Radisson; La Quinta Inn & Suites; Red Roof Inn

Plan ahead now for your human and your furry family members!


In addition to the LA City, Beverly Hills City and West Hollywood City Channels, you can now watch our

To see The Pet Care Foundation's TV show, ADOPT A PET TODAY, click here to go to YouTube.

It's a 30 minute show so there are 2 editions. You can also see our PSA’s there too.

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Los Angeles has 12 City and County Shelters full of wonderful pets. You can view these pets and find a location near you by visiting: for the City and for the County.

For very adoptable dogs and cats visit the Lange Foundation at

Free spay/neuter for homeless, feral and stray cats in Los Angeles, and low-cost services for tame cats

For assistance in keeping your pet call 213-403-0129 for free spay/neuter, vaccinations,
licensing fees, fence/gate repair, dog training, some vet care, and tenant/property
owner negotiations. Your call will be returned within 48 hours.